June 13th, 2010

RPG: Diziara Uniform

On a Cloud of Sound I Drift in the Night

As the squadron filtered in before their shift started, they made their ways to their respective fighters, suiting up and running preflight checks. Diziara stood off to the side, watching quietly as she usually did, but no one noticed the a small box in her hand. When everyone arrived, which was usually when she started her own preflight checks, she continued to stand waiting and watching. It wasn't long before people started exchanging looks at this change in behavior from her, and they started circling around her to see what was up. She waited until everyone had come over, and mets eyes with Castillo standing in the back. He had a grin on his face, and it was clear he already had an idea of where this was going.

"Everyone's been doing great, and as a thank you for all your hard work, I though we'd just kick back today," she finally said. Looks were exchanged, and there was some murmuring and muttering. "Anyone play poker?" She opened the box in her hand, exposing a set of chips and a couple decks of cards.

"You know I much prefer Fizzbin," Castillo returned, grin wide on his face. Diziara returned his grin, and they were both silent a moment.

"Eh, it's Tuesday, you know I hate to play Fizzbin on Tuesdays," she returned, causing him to grin wider. "We'll let the squadron decide. Show of hands, how many want Fizzbin?" A couple of people raised their hands hesitantly. "And poker?" An equal number of people raised their hands for poker.

"Dead tie. I suppose that means we should play Tongo. I think I have a wheel and cards tucked away in the storage cabinet," Castillo suggested.

"Ug, I don't want to number crunch like that. Tongo makes astrophysics seem like elementary school math," Diziara complained. "We'll play poker. The rules are easier than Fizzbin. I hate getting into arguments about if it's always night in space."

"We could play Three-Dragon Ante," Shelly offered, causing her friends to look at her surprised. "My brother strong armed me into sitting in on a couple games when his D&D games ran slow. I think I saw a replicator pattern for the deck the last time I was poking around for something to do."

"I'm always up for learning a new game," Diziara said with a shrug. Shelly was sent to replicate a deck, and everyone else sat down on the flight deck. It ended up only being Shelly, Boq, Grace, Diziara and Castillo who played the Three-Dragon Ante, everyone else ended up playing a game called Bullshit with the two decks of regular cards.

When the main entrance to the flight deck opened and closed, Diziara looked up. No one else in the squadron looked when she did, and so when she noticed it was Commander Sevel who had just arrived, she politely excused herself and headed over to cut the first officer off before she reached the squadron.

"The rumors I had been hearing involved you drilling the squadron heavily. I was not aware that card games are a form of fighter drill," she observed, and Diziara grinned.

"No ma'am, the drill was about due to start. The card games are lulling them into a false sense of security," Diziara explained, provoking a raised eyebrow from Sevel. "I find that drilling for emergency launches when the squadron is expecting it doesn't get the same results as the real thing. So I'm springing it on them when they won't expect it. They've been doing well with the expected drills, so I figured it was time to start throwing kinks into the system and see how they do."

"Very well, I will leave you to it then," Sevel told her, and turned to leave again.

"I was actually about ready to spring it on them. Would you like to stay and watch?" When Sevel nodded, Diziara lead her to the control room for the flight deck. As they reached it, and Diziara started cuing up the settings for the drill alarms, Castillo looked up from the game. Seeing Diziara and Commander Sevel at the controls, he picked up Diziara's hand from where she'd left it and played for her as the alarm went off.

The whole of the squadron was on their feet in the blink of an eye, playing cards scattering about like confetti as they each dashed for their fighter. Diziara grinned as she watched, occasionally glancing down at the timer in the panel she'd set. When the last pilot was in their fighter, ready to launch, she stopped the timer and considered it for a moment. She looked at Sevel, and when she saw a twitch at the corner of the Vulcan woman's lip, Diziara grinned widely.

"Would you like to address them, or shall I, ma'am?" Diziara asked her.

"It is your squadron," Sevel stated. Diziara's hands flew across the controls, and she triggered the PA for the flight deck.

"Okay, ya mooks, pretty good job. I'd like to see a shorter time, but considering we hadn't drilled on emergency launches before this, and you were caught flat footed, that was pretty damn impressive." Diziara paused, and let them take this in. She saw some of them power down their fighters again. "Commander Sevel unexpectedly showed up to witness that, and..." Diziara met eyes with Sevel, who nodded. "...She was impressed with what she saw. Keep up the good work. I'll be down in a minute to launch, and we'll run some more drills."

"That was an interesting drill technique, Lieutenant," Sevel observed, causing Diziara to grin again. "I anticipate taking opportunity to observe your unique technique further." Diziara snorted in amusement at that statement. "Have a good flight, Lieutenant."

"Yes ma'am. Thank you." There was a spring in Diziara's step as she headed for her fighter, and Commander Sevel left without further comment.