May 19th, 2011

RPG: Diziara Uniform

Super Trouper Lights Are Gonna Find Me

Diziara entered Henriksen's ready room at the appointed time, and provided the captain with a proper salute. Henriksen raised her eyebrow at this, already being well aware of Diziara's reputation, but Diziara gave no reaction to this small facial tick. The two women regarded each other in silence a moment, and a small smile flashed across Henriksen's lips as she returned Diziara's salute.

"At ease, Lieutenant," she said as her hand fell. Diziara quickly fell to a parade rest. "As you know, Lieutenant Kvorash is leaving us, family business at home before being assigned to the Tethys upon its launch..."

"Yes ma'am," Diziara said simply. Between the formal response, and the fact that she was choosing to follow proper protocol, she seemed to leave Henriksen a little ill at ease. She was careful to try not to show it, only shifting slightly in her seat.

"Is there something wrong, Lieutenant?" Henriksen finally asked. Diziara tilted her head to the side at this question.

"Not that I am aware of, ma'am," Diziara told her. "You're the one who requested this meeting." Henriksen frowned slightly.

"As I was saying," she continued, and cleared her throat. "Kvorash is leaving and we'll need a new department head for flight control." This statement seemed to confuse Diziara, as her head tilted to the side again.

"The ship rumor mill seems to think Decker's the strong choice," Diziara stated.

"You do not seem the sort to listen to the gossips."

"I listen, but don't make decisions based upon their information alone. They didn't seem likely to be off in this case, even with Johnson's personal interest in me." Diziara relaxed as she said this and Henriksen's mouth quirked a little to hint at a smile.

"The Admiral actually did pull for you quite a bit, and initially I had been strongly considering Decker," Henriksen explained as she gestured towards the chair across the desk from her. "Your record, at the security level I can view it, glosses over your previous experience in this area, but Johnson made me aware of it."

"Delta Force was a bit of a unique assignment," Diziara allowed, and took the offered seat.

"Rumors about Khazara alone are impressive enough, let alone the Delta Force mission. When I hear things, it makes me wish I had the security clearance to read some of the reports."

"Part of the reason I listen to rumors, but pay them little mind without outside information, is that they're usually pretty entertaining, but fact is often times quite different than rumor, be it more mundane or more strange," Diziara explained with a grin.

"Well, the one rumor that has served you well is that Admiral Khazara is a good judge of character," Henriksen explained, folding her hands on the desk in front of her. "However, without my being able to directly judge your service experience, I will have to have you take some training from someone who does have experience I have clearance to observe... Kvorash is leaving too soon to do it himself."

"Wouldn't Terra Nova's records provide some indication of my experience?" Diziara seemed confused and mildly annoyed at this point.

"Between the connection with Delta Force, something involving temporal investigations, then the ship's untimely demise, after you were transferred off..." Henriksen seemed to consider what she wanted to say as Diziara's frown deepened with each thing Henriksen listed off. "We can just say I am not left with much I can read."

"So you've selected me for a position based upon Johnson's recommendation, and the rumored reputation of an Admiral I served under?" Diziara tried to keep her voice level and professional, but a hint of amusement slipped through anyways.

"Johnson has been so kind as to recommend who can provide your training to just reassure me that my gut is not serving me wrong here," Henriksen said, her gaze piercing after Diziara's last comment. "The Admiral says you two should work well together, that you and Lieutenant Figgins know each other already."

"He feels that Jack is the right person to train me on a job I already know how to do?" Diziara's eyes went wide, and she looked as if she was going to say something else, but bit her lip.

"Is there going to be a problem?" The Captain leaned forward to regard Diziara. Diziara shook her head.

"Remind me, next time I see the Admiral, he and I still need some more common ground to discuss combat over," Diziara stated, and a touch of a growl came through her statement. Henriksen laughed and Diziara looked at her surprised.

"He told me about your time together on the sparring ground on Andor," she explained. "Didn't he have to borrow a knife from you for that?"


"I suspect he'll go through the whole ordeal again, if you said he should."

"He's not quite right in the head, is he?"

"He has figured out how to work with what the fleet has to offer. You might want to take notes."

"I don't intend for my career to go that far, didn't exactly intend for a career, truth be told," Diziara shrugged as she said this.

"You most certainly have a career now. I would recommend either taking it seriously, or stepping aside to let someone else move forward in your place." The Captain's tone was a little impatient as she said this, and Diziara grinned.

"Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. Yes, ma'am," Diziara grinned as she said this, and Henriksen furrowed her brow as she considered it. "May I ask who is going to be responsible for the fighter squadron, once this department transfer goes through?"

"I haven't had time to make that decision yet. For now, Castillo appears to be capable enough that he can manage in the interim, based upon what Sevel has reported to me." When Diziara snorted at this, Henriksen raised her eyebrow at her.

"If it were my decision, I would name Castillo my successor," Diziara explained, crossing her arms and leaning back in her chair. "Being the cynic I am, I didn't expect I would get to play with the fighter squadron for that long, so I have been training him already. He's more than ready for the job, and he's already got a bond with the squadron."

"I will keep that in mind," Henriksen said, picking up a PADD from her desk. "There are some details I still need to work out, but we'll talk further before the final transfer takes place. I'll come to a decision regarding Castillo by that time. Dismissed."