Death Kitten (diziara) wrote in usstakedashingn,
Death Kitten

BBS: Scuttle Butt

From: BigBadQ877
Date: 54764.2
Subject: Party?

Rumor has it that someone's throwing a big party tonight. Involving good alcohol and craziness on the holodeck. Anyone know anything more?

From: SlimerSpaz5972
Date: 54764.3
Subject: re: Party?

Is Shelly going to be there?

From: SkullTroll789
Date: 54764.3
Subject: PARTY!

> Anyone know anything more?

Holodeck 2, about 1930. I hear the host is providing a wide selection of alcohol from his personal stash, but everyone's welcome to bring their own favorites if they want to share. The party's supposed to be a celebration for something or someone, but it's a surprise and my sources wouldn't tell me what the occasion is. Anyone hear what the dress code is expected to be?

> Is Shelly going to be there?

I plan to personally drag Shelly to the party. Can't promise how friendly she'll be though.

From: TheLunarGypsy642
Date: 54764.4
Subject: I'm looking for some hot stuff!

To confirm, it is indeed at 1930 in holodeck 2. The only dresscode is no uniforms allowed. I haven't heard what the setting is going to be.

I do know who the guest of honor is, and what the celebration is for, but as we're trying to keep this a surprise and don't want it getting back to them, I can't say.

Tags: !in_character, bbs, gossip, party

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