Crewman AJ Trippett (scrubmonkey911) wrote in usstakedashingn,
Crewman AJ Trippett

As the BBS Turns

From: ScrubMonkey772
Date: 434402.25
Subject: LISTEN UP!

Hey there Cats and Kittens,

Listen up! We do not want to be dealing with cases of Post-Leave Syndrome with a line out the door five minutes before roll call! If you've been a smart kid, then you've got a hypo or you're going to stay SOBER the day before. But in case you simply MUST find yourself afflicted with PLS then for the love of God, FSM, Ralph the Cosmic Muffin! Can and DO hydrate yourself, most hangovers are caused by dehydration!

This has been a public service announcement from the USS Takeda Shingen Center for Treatment of Post-Leave Syndrome.

P.S. YES - that includes YOU
YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE and unless you want an intervention involving the whole ship - you'd better straighten up and fly right - this coming from the one department that can mend your Orwellian ways... and remember... payback is a bitch

Tags: bbs

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