Being the ramblings of D. (gmdreia) wrote in usstakedashingn,
Being the ramblings of D.

Off to the races

 With looks and nods all around, the group (now consisting of Diz, Tom and Stace) followed Beck out the door and to his vehicle. 

The ride took about half an hour - for some it would be way too short (Stace seemed to be enjoying himself, and Dizi was having the time of her life) and for others, way too long. Beck held onto the "oh shit handle" above him with a firm grip and a few times, looked to be turning green. 

After hovering around for what seemed twenty minutes, checking every nook and cranny, Beck said, "Ah, there it is... just inside the rim of that crater. He must be distracted. He has his spies on me as well and if he'd known I were anywhere around, he'd be on the other side of the moon already."
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