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If You Go Too Far, You'll Find They're Pulling on Your Reins.

"We are being recalled to Deep Space 17. Per Starfleet Command."

"What the flying targ-fucking hell is going on here?" Diziara demanded, throwing her EV suit's helmet aside and catching the Vulcan by the collar of his shirt. Tom moved in behind her, as if to pull her back, only to remember he had Noelle in his arms. Stace hung back near the open door.

"Whoa there, darlin'," Tom said, trying to sooth Diziara. Stace moved forward.

"'Ere, le' me ge' 'er. S'e an' Ah need 'o ge' 'o sickbay. You 'andle Diz," Stace insisted. Tom handed Noelle over, and Stace took most of her weight on his good arm. He headed down the corridor with her, and Tom laid a hand on Diziara's shoulder. She bared her teeth, and tightened her grip on the Vulcan's shirt.

Tags: !in_character, away_mission, the_search_for_the_great_macguffin
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