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Bow Before a War; Call It Religion.

The group didn't have to go far into the station before they were met by a short Klingon woman, backed by two larger and taller Klingons: one male and the other female. All three were wearing Klingon Defense Force uniforms. The short woman had commander rank insignia on her uniform, the other two, lieutenant.

"Lieutenant Rogers," she addressed him, a fleeting look at Diziara as she approached. "Where is our fugitive?" She stopped in front of him, her officers flanking her to either side.

"A pleasure to finally meet you too, Commander K'Etra," he returned, a heavy dose of sarcasm in his voice. Diziara cleared her throat, stepping forward.

"Check your Texas manners at the door, stud," she shot at him under her breath. "Marloth requested asylum and it has been provisionally granted by Captain Henriksen."

"You are here as our guest and he is our fugitive. I demand you release him now," K'Etra growlled. Diziara grinned, but Tom spoke up before she could retort.

"He requested asylum while within Federation space," Tom explained patiently. "We are under obligation to at least address his concerns before releasing him to your custody. He claims he will not receive fair trial and has given us reason to suspect there may be more to the case than meets the eye. If you'll kindly indulge us, we would like a chance to investigate the matter. If we find no evidence of his claims, Captain Henriksen is prepared to release him to your custody at that time."

"You're in our space, on our invitation. You have no grounds-" K'Etra protested.

"The current peace treaty between The Empire and The Federation says we have plenty of grounds," Diziara interrupted her. The smaller woman closed the space between her and Diziara and looked up with a fierce gaze.

"And who are you?" K'Etra demanded.

"Lieutenant Diziara, of the House of Koraith."

"A small and almost unknown house," she dismissed.

"But you knew it by name," Diziara returned, a smirk playing across her lips. "Besides, those are large words from a Commander stuck on this unimportant, neglected ghe''or."

Tags: !in_character, away_mission, chim_qun

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