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Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

After much protest, and not a few unsavory challenges and accusations exchanged between K'Etra and Diziara, the commander agreed to allow the team one day to investigate Marloth's claims. She left one of her officers with the team to assist them, introducing him as Lieutenant Korloth and suggesting the team start with the official reports.

Even though the claim was Korloth was there to assist them, it soon became clear that his definition of help was rather different than expected by the crew of the Takeda Shingen. When asked to lead the team to the security office, so they could follow Commander K'Etra's recommendations, he remained silent and stared at them impatiently. It didn't take long for Diziara to reach the conclusion that he had no intention of doing much else, and stalked off towards the location she remembered the security office having been, in hopes that it would still be in the same place. Tom was right on her heels, and Svetlana and AJ had to move quick to keep up. Korloth followed behind, slow but near enough that he could easily hear any discussion and keep an eye on the group.

The greeting they received at the security office was marginally better; Korloth at least had the presence of mind to speak up when their requests for the reports in question were challenged. It was clear he was doing the bare minimum needed to help, and when he settled in to talk about his new yan with the security officer, Diziara had a few less than savory words to direct at him. He shot her a look, but otherwise ignored her. Tom guided the team to an unused interrogation room, and the team settled in to look over the reports. The translation program provided made choppy work of the reports, so in the end, Diziara had to summarize each to clarify the weak parts of the translations.

"You can see here," Diziara explained, dropping her PADD in the middle of the table. She leaned over to pull up a section of the report featuring the various witness statements, "as well as here, here and here... the story was for the most part consistent, until you get to the bartender on duty. His initial statements taken on the scene, describe the killer as someone who couldn't possibly match the description of that dipstick in our holding cell." She crossed her arms, standing up straight again. "However, you'll note that in his official statement, he backpedals and tries to claim he just didn't get a good look at the guy and that maybe he identified the wrong person. I recommend talking to him, at least."

"We certainly want to get a look at the crime scene," Tom suggested, leaning forwards to rest his forehead against his hand as his elbow rested on the table.

"Station like this, a bar is going to clean up as soon as possible so they can get back to business," Diziara explained regretfully. "But it can't hurt to try. We might also want to get a second opinion on the autopsy and the stiff." Diziara looked at AJ when she said this.

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