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The U.S.S. Takeda Shingen

The Missions of a Federation Battleship

USS Takeda Shingen, NCC 63646, Akira-Class Carrier
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These are the voyages of the USS Takeda Shingen, a Starfleet battleship on routine patrol.

Join us on IRC! #usstakedashingen on BLACKCOBALT.NET.
Duty Roster (Player Characters)
Lieutenant Commander Hravitherav th'Shan
Tactical Chief/Chief of Security
Race: Andorian
Age: 35
Gender: thaan
Alias: Therav
BBS Handle: JackRyan44
Secondary abilities: computer security, military history, battle tactics
Lieutenant Svetlana Nadhezda Chernyshevski
Race: Human
Age: 34
Gender: female
BBS Handle: Unintelligible5183
Secondary abilities: Encryption, decryption, espionage, black/grey market, Icehouse (New Siberian game system), various holodeck exercise programs, Improvised weaponry
Lieutenant Diziara
Helm/Flight Control
Race: Klingon/Trill
Age: 35
Gender: female
Alias: Death Kitten
BBS Handle: DeathKitten4268
Secondary abilities: bar brawling, creative weaponry, sex, drunken fishing, improvised tactical and security backup
Lieutenant junior grade Lucas Gabriel Spiegel
Engineering Assistant
Race: Human
Age: 32
Gender: male
Alias: Space Cowboy
BBS Handle: SpaceCowboy2071
Secondary abilities: intuitive ship repairs, interspecies communications hobbyist, author, crack poet
Lieutenant junior grade Noelle M. Connor
Manager of Engineering Operations
Race: Human
Age: 40
Gender: female
Alias: The Toymaker
BBS Handle: Dawntreader225
Secondary abilities: sharpshooting, some tactical engineering, Chinese martial arts
Ensign Grace Lynn Bright
Fighter Pilot
Race: Human
Age: 23
Gender: female
Alias: Pip
BBS Handle: JrMissToughChic57
Crewman Second Class Alexandra Trippett
Medical/Emergency Response Technician
Race: Human
Age: 24
Gender: female
Alias: Alex, AJ
BBS Handle: scrubmonkey772
Secondary Abilities: improvised tactical medicine, escapology, gambling, "friends in low places", shithouse luck
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       The community style is a work in progress, with the goal being a LCARS appearance. Color choices are based upon the Database Systems color set provided by the LCARS Standards Development Board. The style makes use of the LCARS font available on their site and which states in its readme.txt file that is available for redistribution. Please consider installing the font, as the community style does look better with it. Also due to the desire to avoid using any image files unless absolutely neccessary, there is much use of the css3 border-radius attribute, and this can only be viewed by browsers like Firefox and Safari, so it is recommended you use one of those browsers to view the community. Any suggestions or feedback on the community style should be directed to diziara. Thank you.

       Customized user info icons thanks to Allah Sulu, his Massive Tool, and his icon maker site. Some icons have be customized in GIMP by diziara.